Thursday, May 1, 2008

Selling Out?

My friends have been after me, strangers have asked, and I've finally done it: I've put some of my tie-dyed stuff up on eBay.

I do a fair amount of experimentation with my dyeing. Often I want to do something like see how two different dye mixing methods compare, or different types of string, or rubber bands, or whatever. I might try out new dye colors, or look at the bleeding effects of the dyes with and without thickeners. And of course I'm always trying out various patterns.

My favorite canvases for such experimentation tend to be scarves, bandanas, and plain t-shirts. They are inexpensive and easy to get. The scarves and bandanas don't take much room to store, either.

Lately, though, some shirts have been piling up as I have dared to venture out of the blue-and-green palette strongly preferred by my older daughter. A blue-and-green item held up in front of her tends to disappear with a thunderclap as the air fills the space it once occupied, but other colors languish unloved.

The stuff I've been making lately has been way too big for my younger daughter, even though she'll try to make it fit ("I need another nightgown, Mom, really!"). And though I like the geometric pattern, the large shirt in bright orange, yellow, and brown just isn't "me" (and it definitely isn't my husband).

It's not your run-of-the-mill "spiral". Neither are the others. My experiments tend to be on the wilder side.

If you're interested, take a look at my auctions, and tell your friends. I'll probably be adding to them periodically.

We now return you to your irregularly-scheduled blog.

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