Monday, June 9, 2008

Now It's a Floor of Many Colors...

I spent almost the entire weekend in my garage.

I worked with the first graders all day Friday, then I spent some time Saturday washing out a subset of them. But I also did a whole bunch of t-shirts myself as an end-of-year surprise for the teachers at the school. I don't usually do "production" tie-dye (Harmony does large-scale production much better than I ever could!), so the 59 shirts I was working on was quite a lot for me! My garage workshop was overflowing with t-shirts and humming with the sound of the washer and dryer.

With all that glorious color around, I couldn't resist spreading them out on the (clean) floor and taking some pictures.

Here they are stacked by size.

Ooooh, I can hardly wait to hand them out! And some of those I did are extras, so I can add something to my wardrobe too!

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