Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jeans Circle Quilt -- It's a Start...

I mentioned in my last post that I was cutting out lots of circles for a circle blue jeans quilt. With a bit of help from my kids, I've now got all 221 circles cut out, plus a few more for good measure. I've spent a few days laying them out on the floor (with way too much help from Lacey, who knows she belongs in the center!), and now I have a design I'm pretty happy with.

The center 25 circles are already sewn together, since that part of the design was easy for me (and it was my proof-of-concept piece). The rest of it is all just pinned together.

What Was I Thinking?

This is a big project. My next step is to sew the rest of the circles together into squares with 4 "petals" on the reverse side. I also need to cut out squares of batting for each circle, as well as squares of colored fabric for each circle. The final step is to sew each petal down over the squares using a zigzag stitch to hold it together and quilt the piece. Each step times 221. No problem!

Dog, Again

And how can I do without a gratuitous dog picture, especially since Lacey's been spending so much time "helping" me with my layout?

Good thing for Lacey that pins don't seem to bother her!


Connie Kleinjans said...

Hi Sarah! I totally admire the quilt -- I am sewing impaired -- but I totally want to snorgle the pup. We could have a cute-off with my Jack Russell Terrier puppy, Jake (OK. he's 18 months, but still cute).


Nicole, jack russell training expert said...

I love the quilt! That’s a nice idea. You should make many of those and sell them. I want to have one for my son’s room. My jack russell terrier dog usually stays there so it would be a nice mat for her, just like in the picture.