Friday, March 14, 2008

Cute Pooch in Tie-Dye

Okay, I admit it: I wanted another excuse to put gratuitous cute pictures of my dog on my blog.

But I've been thinking for a while that while she's already got a few cool tie-dyed shirts, what Lacey really needs is a tie-dyed collar for her wardrobe. So I got some buckles and instructions from Creative Designworks and got to it.

I started with a cotton bandana that I had tie-dyed during a previous set of experiments with purple dyes.

I cut of a strip from one side of the scarf, ironed on interfacing and assembled it according to the instructions, and voila! A one-of-a-kind tie-dyed collar for my one-of-a-kind dog! I was pretty pleased with the stuff I got and how well it came out.

When I wanted to take pictures of Lacey in her fancy new collar, along with the remains of the scarf, she started playing with this scarf as if she were a cat with catnip!

I had a little trouble getting a shot of the actual collar through all that white fluff, but I did get at least the back of it.

And she finally agreed to do her "Sphinx" pose.

Lacey has previously chewed off a brand new store-bought nylon webbing harness the first time we put it on her, and she has also managed to rid herself of a webbing collar, so I know she's sensitive and doesn't put up with such discomforts. In this case, she seems pretty comfortable in her new collar, probably because it's soft washed cotton.

And, of course, because she knows she looks fabulous!

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